In this section you will learn how to install Mugnsoft IDE as a browser extension.


Install Mugnsoft IDE from either the Chrome or Firefox web store.

Add the browser add-on

  • Firefox
getting-started getting Firefox add-on step1 getting-started getting Firefox add-on step2
  • Chrome
getting-started getting Chrome add-on step1 getting-started getting Chrome add-on step2

Launch the IDE

Once installed, launch it by clicking its icon from the extension menu bar in your browser.

getting-started extension Firefox add-on

Welcome Screen

Upon launching the IDE you will be presented with a welcome dialog.

This will give you quick access to the following options:

  • Record a new test in a new project
  • Open an existing project
  • Create a new project
  • Close the IDE
getting-started welcome

If this is your first time using the IDE (or you are starting a new project), then select the first option.