Mugnsoft IDE documentation

Mugnsoft IDE is part of the Mugnsoft monitoring software. It is the component in charge of building automatically your Mugnsoft’s monitors' scripts. Mugnsoft is all about making Application Performance Monitoring Simple, Easy and Codeless. To know more about Mugnsoft, please visit: Mugnsoft documentation.

About us

We’ve worked in the monitoring industry for 15 years. Big Tech Companies building complex and expensive solutions, requiring more knowledge than necessary. We’ve witnessed the monitoring paradigm shift, more simple and cost efficient solution, so we want to make a change.

Our product features

Out-of-the-box useful features to help you out in your daily work.

Real time status

Application KPIs are displayed in real-time


No external database required


Build your scenario without writing a line of code


RESTful API to communicate with Mugnsoft components


Regrouping your scenarii and grant specific access to given users using tags

Instant Replay

Scenarii can be instantly replayed on-demand headless or browsed to confirm a status


Simple Out-Of-The-Box dashboard, so you know exactly how things are going effortless

Advance alerting

Avoid fake alert by setting timeout, number of retries and retry interval

Automatic action

Operate automatic action on monitor status change or upon a success or error status


Automatically send monitors’ reports to given users periodically


Define time periods where monitoring should be disabled for given scenarii

Live view

See in real-time the scenario log as it is being run automatically or on-demand